Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Progress on Acts 2:42

I am currently making slow but steady progress on my paper to resolve the variant in Acts 2:42. One interesting thing I have found is that in modern English translations of the verse, the only translations that include the "and" were produced between 1534 and 1899. Any translation produced after 1899 does not include the "and." This means the the KJV and NKJV are split in the way they deal with this variant even though they are both based off the Textus Receptus (which includes the "and"). I wonder what could cause such a drastic change in the way the verse was translated. I propose some things in my paper...but I will leave you in suspense for now.

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Alan Knox said...

It is very interesting that the NKJV differs from both the TR and the Majority Text. I would love to see any explanation for that divergence. Of course, the more important question is: How does "fellowship" (koinonia) relate to "breaking bread" and "prayers". Are there two, three, or four activities? Certainly the presence or absence of kai is important in answering this question.