Thursday, March 29, 2007

Encouraged and Edified

It has been quite a while since I posted on my blog. Though I have not posted much, I have been reading the blogs of others and have been encouraged by the way I see God working in His church.

I wanted to share with everyone how encouraged I was yesterday evening as I gathered with some fellow believers. Most Wednesday's we gather to continue studying through the book of Acts (the book we are in at this point) and to pray together and encourage one another. The Spirit is always faithful to teach us from God's Word whenever we meet. However, sometimes I think we have gotten so focused on making sure we complete the "activities" we normally do on Wednesday, that we actually miss what is going on in each others lives. Last night was different though.

We had several people who could not be there and were trying to decide if we should continue in Acts or wait until next week. I decided to ask everyone what the Lord had been teaching them over the past week and what the Lord had done in their lives during the time we had with Dr. and Mrs. Black last weekend. We ended up spending three hours talking about anything ranging from sins we were struggling with, to missions, to prayer, to giving. We even discussed how different generations view things like "church buildings." We talked about reaching out to those in neighborhoods that are not like the ones we live in and how it takes faith for God to lead us into something we wouldn't naturally be comfortable with.

I was encouraged and edified in hearing about my brothers and sisters struggles and what the Lord had taught them from Scripture. I also went home knowing how to more specifically pray for my brothers and sisters. The evening definitely did not go as I had planned, but it was so amazing to be part of what the Spirit had planned and led us to do. How has the Spirit been leading you lately?


Steve Sensenig said...

Glad to see you post again, Theron. One of the blessings of reading blogs in a feedreader is that bloggers like you can take long periods of time between posts, and yet I still know right away when you post again! :)

This post captures the same essence of what we seek in our gatherings here, too. Edifying each other through discussions that center around our life as the body of Christ.

Theron said...


Thank you for the comment. It is exciting to hear of others who are seeking to be led by the Spirit to edify one another.


Maƫl said...

Welcome back and thanks for the encouragement!

Alan Knox said...

At first, I thought it was a dream. But, I pinched myself, and it was still there. So, then I thought I was hallucinating. After sleeping on it, I realized, wow... Theron really did post a new blog. Is this the tribulation or something?

Seriously... thank you for this post. It is very encouraging to hear how God is working in a group of people, especially when those people are my friends.


Leah said...

YEAH! Theron's Back! T-Stan: Way to go!!

Wednesday night was an awesome encouragement to me. And the conversation continued when I got home and tried to recount 3 hours worth of conversation to my husband. After working at UPS all night, it was a bit much for him to take in!

Theron said...

Thank you all for the encouragement. I hope to continue posting sometime while we are in GA or soon after we get back.

By the way, Alan, I don't think it is the tribulation, but it certainly is the last days. :)


Alan Knox said...

Theron and Leah,

One of the great things about blogging and meeting with the same people is how conversations continue. I'm hoping that more and more people that I see regularly begin taking part in blogs. Imagine the great conversations that can be carried on over multiple blog sites, meeting times, meals, phone calls, etc.